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Reclaim Yourself
Awaken Your Inner Power
Your Energy, Your Body
Relax & Revive
Beyond Yoga ~ A personally guided endeavor to Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Spirit
People of all ages and ability levels can learn to heal from the inside out.

It's an exploration into our inner world....

With every breath, every heartbeat,taking the time and space for YOU in your life is essential to true well being.
One on One Yoga sessions, or a full day transformative group experience, will take to you a place of relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration and  leave you feeling like you just returned from a retreat in nature.
Restore your body and mind in a peaceful setting, indoors or out, at our studio or your home.
Experience the bliss of an empowering yoga workout.
Rejoice in a new beginning.  Helps in healing of trust issues, abuse, addiction and more.
Feel renewed, refreshed and vibrant!

Yoga Certified since 2008.

As always, please let us know if we can help you in any way to live the healthiest life possible!

Both Debi Balmert and Diane Quimper have worked extensively with Sierra Bender, author of "Goddess to the Core" and founder of Boot Camp for Goddesses and Sierra Bender Wholistic Yoga Therapy. 

Sierra is recognized across the country and around the world for her experiential programs. Her retreats are international and clients include celebrities, Olympic and professional athletes as well as Wall Street and Fortune 500 CEO's. Sierra has a vast knowledge and love for her work. Debi & Diane, using Sierra's teachings, are taking this opportunity to bring her mission and message to the area in an incredible 1 day transformative experience as well as one on one sessions

Want to learn more about Boot Camp for Goddesses and Sierra Bender? 
See us in her video!